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What are Web Browser, Search Engine and Website?

What is Web Browser?What is Search Engine?What is Web Page or Website?

 What are Web Browser, Search Engine and Website?

          Web Browser  --  Search Engine  --  Website

What are Web Browser?

We can say that a web browser is a software application that allows you & people to access, retrieve, get and view information present on the internet.  All those information that may be Browsed or may Search can be in the form of text content on a website page or some Pictures, Videos, Audios etc. There are some of the most popular web browsers currently in use are Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Presented By Microsoft , Opera and the last one the Safari.  

The Procedure start with the user inputting a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) like HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), HTTPS(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Security) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol), file etc. example ( The browser then displays the Source & the Resource by passing the HTML (main Hyper Text Markup Language for web pages) to the browser’s layout engine to be translated from markup to an Interactive document that you can view & Read on your screen.


The Search Engines are developed to Search data on internet and the main purpose of a search engine is to search for Information on the Internet.  They are the software programs that search for websites that are based on keywords that the user types in.  The search engine then goes through their databases for searching of information in order to locate the information you are looking for. The few famous Search Engines that are currently can be used are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Search engines somehow works like that it send out “Web Crawlers” or “Spiders” These are Automated Computer Programs that browse the internet in a methodical and in an automated manner) to create a copy of all the web pages they have been too, so the search engine can then index the pages to create web site listings that facilitate faster searches.  A user types a query into the search engine and the search engine then sorts through millions of pages in its database to find a match to that specific query.  The search engine then produces the results according to your query in a ranked order and also according to relevancy.


Website we can say that the collection or the compound of Web Pages are known as  Website. A web page is composed of Information about a single Task.  A website is the collection of different types of Information and Task works. It could be retrieve in a web Browser and Could be Search within an Search Engine.


You basically use a Web Browser that is a Software to Search for Different Search Engine. Search Engine is a collection of Millions of Database or may be billions of Database collections, and a website or Web Page is a collection of pages about something. We use Web Browser to Search, Search Engine to Search Website We than use those Search Engine to Search our Websites data through those Search Engine by typing our Query in the Search boxes of those Search Engines.

You basically use a Browser to access information on the Internet while you use a Search Engine to point you in the right direction of a website that relates to the words you type in. You actually have to use a Browser to get to a search engine, for example; typing in which will then take you to the google web page. A very clever person used this analogy – If you are sitting in your car, the browser would be your windshield and the steering wheel would be the search engine.

What is website, What is search engine. What isWeb Browser. What is difference between Search Engine and website. What is difference between Search Engine and web browser. 

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