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How to Install and Download & Install Java JDK & Android Studio Part-2

What is Java JDK?                                                                           
What is Android Studio?
How to Install Java JDK?
How to Install Android Studio?
Why we use Android Studio?

How to Download & Install Java JDK & Android Studio Part-2

Download Android Studio

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is a Platform of an Official Integrated Developed Environment (IDE). A Platform where you can develop Different Types of Android Applications for Android Supported Phones or we can say Smart phones.

In this Article we are going to install Android Studio by Pictorial as it is follows:

Step 1:  This is the Welcome Step of Installation of Android Studio Click on Next.

Step 2:  In this step press the Same Next Button & need 3.2GB of Free Space in the “C Drive”.

Step 3:  Now Click on the Install button and now in this step the Installation process is Started and will take a little much time.

Step 4:  Now you can see the Android SDK is going to be Completed with in 1 Sec.

Step 5:  Now the Installations Setup is Completed Successfully. Click on Next.

Step 6:  Now In this step Checked the checkbox Start Android Studio and Click on Finish.

Step 7:  Now if you have installed a previous Android studio or the Setup of it. So you can import  your setting from a previous version of Studio. And Click on the Radio button that’s I want to Import my settings from a custom location.

Step 8: Otherwise Click on the Down one Radio button “I do not have a previous 
version of Studio or I do not want to import my settings”. And now Press the Button “OK”.

Step 9:  Now the Android Studio Setup is Loading and will open an wizard setup step.

Step 10:  Now just for some more going on to Click on “Next” button.

Step 11:  Select the “Standard” Radio button and Again click on the button “Next”.

Step 12:  Now check those “Checkboxes” that are Checked in the Picture. And if they are already selected means already Checked then click on Next.

Step 13:  Now You need Internet to Download these Items/Components From google Just Click on the Finish Button.

Step 14:  Now Downloading is Started and You can see the Dowloading process as shown in the Picture.

Step 15:  Now everything is Completed and Just click on the Finish. 

Step 15:  Now you can Enjoy your Android Studio.

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