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Apple and Jujube

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The Benifits of Apple and Jujube

The Apple and the Jujube are a little bit same in shape but in health they both are same, Jujube is very little and Apple is very big according to size of them. The apple may be of 100gms and the Jujube may be of 3 to 5gms. but there is something that is very common in them and what's that study the full article you will be understand.

The Apple

An Apple a day Keeps the Doctor away.

Apple سیب is a Fruit very famous to make you healthy as you have studied that An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away. In one another place I have listend that, If the prince wants an apple, his servents take the tree. this just means that there are a lot of benifits of Apple.

An Apple can be find in different shape, Color and Size. Red, Green, Yellow, Dark Red, Black, Red. It is very sweets fruit, it is also good for health, it helps you in the morning walk, it helps you in breathing, it make your lungs very clean and clear for breathing. When you eat an apple your breathing sensations are very cold because it makes your internal breathing system cold.

Many people that lives in Villages and Towns, Especially the old people  who live in villages and Towns, they will always in your illness will reffer you to eat apples. The doctors also advices you in your illness and in your weakness, to apple.

The Jujube

Jujube is a very cute and little fruit. It is not very common in many countries.

The Jujube is a fruit found in trunk like places I mean the down areas. It is very Healthy Fruit, It is little In size and good in Health, It is not very costly. It is known as the fruit of poor people. And it is true we can call it the fruit of Poor people. Becasue it is very common in town and the Villages. It is very usefull. Because it's Tree Leaves are usefull for motions.

It is very common that we know such as
An Apple a day keeps doctor away.
But here at the same Spot you should have to know that if you don't have an apple you can also eat Jujube. 1 Jujube is same in power compare to 1 Apple. Jujube is little in size and shape but very healthy like an apple. You don't need to buy an apple from the market places if you have a Jujube tree in your home. or somewhere near in your area.

One another thing you should have to be aware that the seeds of Jujube is very big than apple seeds so there is a very good quality in the seeds of Jujube and that's when if there an injury occure in your body, such as if your bones are broken, and an injury that is not going well or taking so long time, or if there any swelling occure, so you should have to boiled the seeds of Jujube until the soap like shape of water when became then you should have to put and then blend those soap like water on the spot I means on the Injuroius places. The Injuries will became very soon healthy.

If there any child in your homes are who cannot walk better so the same boilded seeds water you should have to blend on their legs and InshaAllah very soon it will become very good.

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