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What is Language & Communication, Computer Languages, Programming Languages.

What is Language?
What is Communication?
What they are is?

Language | Artificial Language | Computer Language | Communication


What is Language? We can say that language is the way of Communication. Now what does Communication Means? We can Define that the Conversation occur Between Two Bodies. So the Language is the Method of Conversation between Human. It can be Spoken, It Can be Written. It may be Sign Language. It may consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. We Human can Speak with each other to make understandable to our Feelings & To our Work. It could be in the Word or Sentences it could be in the shape of Sign. There are Many types of Languages such as you can see it down as follows.

Types of Language 

In the Today World there are usually 6,500 spoken languages. In these  about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than in them 1,000 speakers. In these languages The most popular language and that is in the world is Mandarin Chinese. There are 1,213,000,000 peoples in the world that speaks that language.

Type of Computer Languages

Computer Languages are actually known is Programming Languages. These are  Those Languages that are used in the Development of Software And Website. It may also used in Developing different Operating System for different Machines. Such as A very famous Language C That is Used to Developed in the Today Windows For Computer System. So we can say that this is the These are a lot of languages in this picture many languages are just used for techniques and some are used for Databases and For GUI (Graphical User Interface). 

Ranking of Top 10 Languages

Here The Highest Ranking of Computer Language is C  Language.  And Then Java used For many Platform such as Computer and Android for Smart phone. Then Python then C++, R, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby & Go.

Artificial Language

A Language that is being planned or constructed language (sometimes it is  called a con lang) This is a language whose phonology, grammar, and vocabulary have been consciously devised for human Personally or Secretly or human-like communication,It is well defined and Being Constructed By Human,  instead of having developed naturally. It is also referred to as an artificial or invented language By Human. These languages are weather used for personal conversation or for Military and other Purposes.

What does Communication Means?

The Two way conversation is known as Communication. i Communication means The conversation Occur between two bodies. Such as it may be Between Two Machine, Two Computers or It may be of Two Humans it may be two or more then two. This Conversation can be of Human with devices or of Devices with human. All it originally means that the Conversation of Machine with human or Conversation of Human with Machine Their Interaction or Conversation of Human to Human or Machine to Machine or Their Interaction With Each other is Called or Known as Communication.

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