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What are They? Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, Programmer And Developer

What Does They Do?
What They are?

A Software Engineer || A Developer || A Programmer

The World of Programmer, Developer & A Software Engineer
They All Bullshit with Computer. Nothing they do is without Computer. We can Say they can ever build their own World. Where They Can Live as Hardware (Physical Structure & Body). They can Breath Like Software (Human Soul, Can be felt but can't touch). And They Can Eat like Data (Transfer of Data Like Eating, Stuff & Food etc).

A Software Engineer
A Software Engineer is a Specialist Who Manage the work occur during Development of a Software. Here we can Say An Engineer is the Person who Construct Something. And as same as They are Good according to Programmer and Developer. Because a software engineer do work both of them.

A Programmer
Programmer is a person who write code. we can say Programmer is a lecturer who write lectures for students, who he writes notes and many many new things. that occur in software he only write the codes for software's. 

A Developer
Developer is a Person who Develop the software. It means Developer Create Design for Software And then The Engineer and Programmer both do their work more further on it. A person concerned with facets of the software development process, including the research, design, programming, and testing of computer software when it is developed. It is testing is start again and again.

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