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Network, MultiProperty Network, Types of Network

What is Network?
What is Multi Property Network?
Types of Network.


What is Network?
We can say that the way of Combining two or more then two devices or Human Interaction is known as Network.

A Network in computer network or data network is a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data or Transfer Data from one Computer To another. In computer networks, a data link is used in computing devices in a network to exchange data with each other. The connections between Computer are node to  nodes are established. They may be  using either cable media or wireless media to connect each other for transferring data.

Multi-Property Network

Multi-Property Network is a network in which human interact with each other to discuss something. or To discuss about something. Human interact with each other in the shape of a Network to discuss a problem in a Community or when they have to Share information without any source and they have different Properties according to different conditions. 

There are Two Main Types of Computer NETWORK.
Local Area Network Known as (LAN)
Wide Area Network Known as (WAN)

LAN (Local Area Network)
This is the Graphical over view of Local Area Network. This Local Area Network is Known as LAN. LAN is local to their network. It means it is a Small network in which Computer Communicate with each other. LAN could be that very small that it may be in a Room or in  a Lab. or We can also say that INTERNET CAFE use LAN Networking between their Computer. Local area Network could be in a University in a College. In which department could interact and can exchange information or data between them. 

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Wide Area Network is a Network That is widely used For Interacting people or in exchanging information in a large or wide geographical Area. or it may can interact with each other  under the city the country or in the entire world. The Wide Area Network is The Combination of Networks, Local Area Networks And MAN, When All the world and Can exchange information to each other then it is known as or Called Wide Area Network. Its range is very large. Because it works all over the world.

Other Types of Network are MAN, WLAN

MAN (Metro-Politan Area Network)

MAN is actually known as Metropolitan Network. It is a Networking that could be bound in a College, or in A Company where if there is a Company who have many branches and he want to share information with them. The the network he is using must be Metro politan Network (MAN). Because in MAN a company can share his information safely in MAN if he want to share his information with his other branches without any difficulty so he may use MAN. MAN Can be used for a City or a Few cities. 

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

WLAN is a Type of Network. it is Known as Wireless Local Area Network. In this all the conversation, all the Transferring, all the exchanges occur between the Computer in a Network is Wireless. It means all the Network communicate with each other

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